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Q: S3DNews - The Success of Web Marketing - What is the RIGHT WAY to do it?

A: December 15, 2010

From time to time, we get to hear first hand about the
experiences people have in promoting their sites. Whether it is
tweaking meta keywords, page descriptions, titles and content or
as involved as running Google ads or maintaining FaceBook pages
there is one aspect successful sites have in common.

If you go on-line and do a little research, you will quickly
discover hundreds of sources that try to tell you, 'The one true
way to make a successful site is insert latest and
greatest method here
!' There is only one truth to the
success of a site; it is something anyone can do.

Before doing the one thing that anyone can do,
dedicate some time to researching methods used by people who
have found success with their web sites. There is an abundance
of free information out there on thousands of methods that can
easily be used... many of the ways to improve your site's
performance will cost very little (if any) extra money.

On keywords and descriptions alone there are hundreds of
articles with varied advice. Some of my favorite sites for
such information include:


These are only a drop in the bucket compared to the search
results at Google. As you go through the results, don't get
excited about this software or that system that does it all for
you. Frequently, these systems cost more than they are worth.
You will find that you can generally do a better job with very
little elbow grease.

So, it is down to that one thing everyone can do. The
single most elusive activity needed to make a truly successful
web site. The one simple truth not employed by at least
80% of people. Among the seemingly thousands of right and
best methods used, the one thing in common with all
successful sites is this:
(are you ready? sitting


The deadliest dagger to the success of a site is the natural
tendency to think, "I have a site, now I just wait!" Doing
nothing to your site, once set up, is a solid guarantee that you
will never get a call or make a sale through your site. Do
to your site whether it is right or wrong.
Strangely enough, Google puts more value on a site that
changes occasionally than nearly anything else you can do.

I frequently encourage people to 'make some change to your
site on a regular basis.' Whether it is updating a description
or adding a new note about what is happening with your business,
work on creating a habit of change for your site. Find the best
time of the month or week that you may find yourself in front of
your computer with new information for your site. Whether you
make changes daily, weekly or even monthly, it all helps!




Adult sites or content will not be accepted or tolerated!
Violation or abuse of this policy will result in the
immediate lose of the site and no refunds will be given.

* Size and number of pages on your site may effect the yearly cost of your site. Additional pages are available for an additional charge per page per year.

** Paid Yearly, hosting only, we also prefer to maintain your URL registration ( for $20/year.

Additional assistance, though seldom needed, is available in maintaining your web site, billed at our regular hourly rates.

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter
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