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Q: S3DNews Part 2.1 - Keywords and descriptions:How to make your WEB SITE perform better for your company

A: September 4, 2010

Keywords and descriptions should be customized
for each page. The more terminology and the more varied the
Keywords on each page of your site, the more opportunity
Google and Yahoo will have to connect your site to a persons
search phrases (but remember, it must be related to the
content of the page).

There is also a limit to the effective length of keywords
and descriptions. Some people have been known to try to put
hundreds of words in these meta tags, but too many and you
will be knocked for SPAMming the search engines. Keep your
keywords and descriptions brief (256 characters) and to the

On the other hand, don't make them empty or only use a few
words. Give the search engines plenty to work with. Not taking
full advantage of at least 150 characters of text would be
nothing less than knocking your own feet out from under you.

A keyword is not just individual words. It can be
one or more important words. Really, it should be called
keyphrases and in many places it is, but thanks to the
history of HTML in the early days (HTML invented in 1990) the
keywords meta tag was originally designed for
individual words. That use has grown to include phrases.

Keyphrases are tricky and are fun to experiment with.
The only down side is that typically results will not be
noticeable for weeks or more likely months. In the Statistics
of your site, there is a section that shows what word people
use to find your site. This is helpful in determining what
keyphrases to use and what is being effective. (If you
do not know how to find the statistics page for your site,
contact us and we will point you in the right direction.)

For the purposes of this lesson, I will use one of my personal
sites: In July of 2010, some of the search
terms used to find my site were:

  • mickey mouse haircut
  • cruise secrets pdf
  • interesting news about tigger
  • mickey mouse hair cut
  • mickey mouse haircut design
  • rothenburg photo gallery
  • salzburg au-
  • tiggers st.thomas
  • villains tonight full show

Any and all of these are relevant to my site content and could
be included in my keywords. If I wanted to bring more attention
to the mickey mouse haircut I had last spring, I would make
sure to include that phrase in the keywords AND
description on all relevant pages on my site. Also, our
trip to Rothenburg was very important to us. As a result, my
keywords may start with something like this:

mickey mouse haircut,rothenburg,mickey mouse hair cut,mickey mouse haircut design

This brings up the whole subject of SPAMming the search
engines. This is the act of repeating a word over and over
in the hopes of increasing your sites importance for that
word. It will have the opposite effect if you put a word in
too many times. The best rule of thumb I have heard is to
never repeat a word more than 5 times. In the above example
I use the words mickey and mouse three times.
Also, mickey mouse appears three times. If I were to
continue it would be a mistake to make any of those words or
phrases appear more than five times AT THE MOST! You would then
be stepping in to SPAM country and that can get you completely
knocked off Google and/or Yahoo!



Adult sites or content will not be accepted or tolerated!
Violation or abuse of this policy will result in the
immediate lose of the site and no refunds will be given.

* Size and number of pages on your site may effect the yearly cost of your site. Additional pages are available for an additional charge per page per year.

** Paid Yearly, hosting only, we also prefer to maintain your URL registration ( for $20/year.

Additional assistance, though seldom needed, is available in maintaining your web site, billed at our regular hourly rates.

Stories and Real Advice from Non-Professional Web Site Owners. More and more business owners are getting their own web sites every day. The challenged faced by many business owners is knowing if the people or person who was hired to create a site is doing the best job for the business.
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