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Q: How do I get my site to appear on search engines like Google when searching for popular search phrases?

A: Quite often, we get questions from new web site owners about this question. For example, a company that manufactures Adirondack chairs may ask how can I get my site to come up on the top of Google when people search for "Adirondack Chairs"?

This is a loaded question. This primary answer is with LARGE QUANTITIES OF MONEY!!

To get right to the top of those very popular search results, some web promotion companies promise quick results. Some of those companies can get you there, but their methods are not of good quality and some methods will eventually get you kicked off Google and other search engines all together. This is a gamble that can be dangerous to your sites future on the Internet.

One major tool that we use to achieve such placement is a solid method that takes time to build. Don't let people try to tell you that you can build a site and make a million dollar on the web. Yes, it does happen, but it is a one in a million, even a billion chance.

Our solid approach is to offer access to secondary search terms first. Adirondack Chairs is a great search term, but you are in a bundle of over 1.7 million other pages, competing, in some cases, with unbeatable odds. Sites that have been around for years that have SOLID page rankings.

Aim a little lower to gain your own page ranking. "solid adirondack chairs" is not as popular. Carefully working that phrase throughout your site in the text, keywords, description and titles will give your site a placement in a collection of only 400,000 other sites... Keep looking for other search terms that have even smaller search results. This does not happen in 10 seconds. Keep searching for those terms that put you in smaller groups. If we keep looking, "quality cedar loveseat" is down to about 100,000. "heavy cedar adirondack loveseat" gets your site lost among only 10,000 pages.

The smaller the group, the better your chances of getting found. By using some of the other methods we employ, you stand a far better chance of gaining ground in these smaller groups. As your site does this, your page rank will go up. As a result of the page rank improving, you will find that your site will appear higher in more popular search term results.

This whole process does take time. As any business person knows, this growth does not happen over night by itself. It does take some work getting the site up the ranks where people are going to see the site.




Adult sites or content will not be accepted or tolerated!
Violation or abuse of this policy will result in the
immediate lose of the site and no refunds will be given.

* Size and number of pages on your site may effect the yearly cost of your site. Additional pages are available for an additional charge per page per year.

** Paid Yearly, hosting only, we also prefer to maintain your URL registration ( for $20/year.

Additional assistance, though seldom needed, is available in maintaining your web site, billed at our regular hourly rates.

Create your own web site with out software, settings or other problems.
Web SPeED Sites
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Computer and Web Site Questions

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Q: What is SPAM?

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